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We designed "Carnival of Animals: Music Education for Your Kids" especially for children’s early music education. This music learning app integrates Carnival of Animals composed by Saint-Saëns with animated storybook. Through interactive music practice, kids learn about rhythms, duration and pitch. Meanwhile, the pop-up facts in this educational app consolidate their knowledge on both music and animals.

Pic 1: The playful and educational piece of classical music
The kangaroo chapter is one of the pieces of Saint Saëns’ “Carnival of Animal”, which he originally composed to teach his students different elements of music.
Pic 2: The imaginary graphic notation
Simple and funny image spectrums show the highs and lows, the longs and shorts, and the varying pace of music. It helps children focus on listening selections through visual representation of sound and develop the concept of reading musical notation.
Pic 3: Simple stories and animal facts
“Carnival of Music” allows your kids to travel around the world of Saint Saëns’ music through the story about kangaroos and their interesting facts.

If I carelessly walk away from my mum…

Lady kangaroos are loving mothers who take good care of their babies. They put the babies into their pouch, carry and nurse them every day. Showered with mother kangaroos’ love, the babies eat well, sleep well and live well. What will happen if they accidentally drop out of their mothers’ pouch? How will the caring kangaroo mother react? Can she find her baby back?

If you also have a mischievous little terrorist who loves to run around like the baby kangaroo, read the kangaroo chapter of “Carnival of Animal” with us!

Time Value
The jumping kangaroos who are bouncing like the musical notes help us contrast duration: an important element of music. It helps the little ones to grasp a sense of long and short notes through listening to the music and interacting with the graphic notation by:
Following kangaroo’s action to stump their feet and catching the feeling of “staccato”
Following kangaroo’s head movement, sliding the icon in the graphic notation and grabbing the sense of “legato”
Combining listening with body movement to strengthen eye-hand coordination and visual ability, and develop the basic skills for reading musical notation and playing with an instrument

Music is abstract. How can we catch up with a piece of music? With a combination of storytelling and interactive music game, Toothy Buddies helps kiddos learn about Saint-Saens and his famous music Carnival of Animals. Including elementary music elements, like duration, pulse, melodic contour, musical phrases and form.
Can your eye follow your ears? Can your fingers follow your eyes? Kangaroos can move really speedily, which may even be faster than the racing car! Look at the mother kangaroo in the listening map and you will notice how fast they can leap!

Joy of Android /
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“Carnival of Animals” for parents to teach their children music. “Carnival of Animals has two sides, one is great storytelling and interaction. The other is excellent introduction to basic music making. There are no actual instruments for kids to play with, but the hand and music coordination is there.”

Best Educational Apps of 2013
“Carnival of Animals has been selected as “one of the best apps for kids” by several newspapers, educational websites as well as professional app reviewers.”

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“This is an outstanding app, clearly developed by passionate and dedicated people, which is the thing I appreciate most.”

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“I found myself being quite mesmerized by the music part, which I think it’s good because that’s what you want the children to have in their ears.”