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We designed "Carnival of Animals: Music Education for Your Kids" especially for children’s early music education. This music learning app integrates Carnival of Animals composed by Saint-Saëns with animated storybook. Through interactive music practice, kids learn about rhythms, duration and pitch. Meanwhile, the pop-up facts in this educational app consolidate their knowledge on both music and animals.

Pic 1: Entertaining and educational classical music
Extracts from the classical music Carnival of Animals by Saint-Saëns is well-known among music educators. This music piece is primarily composed for teaching music elements.
Pic 2: Importance of rhythm in learning music
Follow the footprints of lion and hum the rhythm shape children’s concept of pulse in music. This fundamental learning in turns helps them in playing music instruments and keeping up with complex rhythm.
Pic 3: Concise animal knowledge in short story
The story and related animal knowledge are kept short and precise, making classical music fun and easy. Join the march with lions when you listen to Saint-Saëns’ music piece.

Kids forget their given tasks

The naughty little lion Marty always leaves home without any notice. It’s hard for his mom to make him stay in the cave until she returns with food. Right! The lion mother has an idea! She leaves Marty a very important task: wake up daddy on time, so daddy can go to march. Yet, Marty totally forgets the great mission! Will daddy have enough time to brush? Will he miss the march? Will he be mad at Marty?

Giving your kids a little task will not only let them feel the trust from the family, but also enhance their resolution and problem-solving skills. Read and continue the above lion story to your kids, let them know the importance of responsibility.

Pulse and melodic contour
While the pulse and rhythm in the music suggests how composed and intimidating the lion is during his march, the two pianos rumbles up and down the bass notes to create a melody that symbolizes a lion’s roar. Listen to the music and interact with the graphic music scores, children learn to:
Find out the pulse in music: Following the footsteps of the lion, children tap the beat. Knowing the pulse in the music is the cornerstone for learning any other complicated music in the future.
Listen to the rhythm: Paying attention to the multi-layered music, in which various music instruments play notes with different duration, children learn to find the rhythm in such a complex music piece.
Draw the melodic contour: As the volume of a lion’s roar goes up and down, so is the finger movement on the graphic notations. By pulling the figures upwards and downwards, children have the concept of pitch as well as melodic contour.

Music is abstract. How can we catch up with a piece of music? With a combination of storytelling and interactive music game, Toothy Buddies helps kiddos learn about Saint-Saens and his famous music Carnival of Animals. Including elementary music elements, like duration, pulse, melodic contour, musical phrases and form.
It may be difficult to only rely on the ears to spot out the stable rhythm, especially in a multi-layered and complex music, but following the movement of the lion figures with thumbs is much easier! Slide your finger up and down according to the volume of lion’s roar, and turn them into melodic lines on a music score!

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“Carnival of Animals” for parents to teach their children music. “Carnival of Animals has two sides, one is great storytelling and interaction. The other is excellent introduction to basic music making. There are no actual instruments for kids to play with, but the hand and music coordination is there.”

Best Educational Apps of 2013
“Carnival of Animals has been selected as “one of the best apps for kids” by several newspapers, educational websites as well as professional app reviewers.”

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“This is an outstanding app, clearly developed by passionate and dedicated people, which is the thing I appreciate most.”

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“I found myself being quite mesmerized by the music part, which I think it’s good because that’s what you want the children to have in their ears.”