A very rational person with an unexpected psychology master degree, and then, to everyone’s surprise, went to develop his career in advertising and marketing. His working philosophy is to get things done quickly so that he can grab more time to enjoy life.
Jack majored in Music Education for young children in university. He is fun-seeking so he often generates a lot of amazing ideas for music education! Working in this field for so many years, Jack has the experience of teaching IEC for the Hong Kong Children’s Choir, International Christian Quality Music Secondary and Primary School, Extension and Continuing Education for Life and has opened his own music centre. He has therefore developed a funny habit of collecting certificates of different teaching approaches, including Orff’s, Dalcroze’s, Kodaly’s, and from different institutions like Royal Academy of Music and Trinity College London. Moreover, he is also a shopaholic, and is interested in gathering different home products, big books, children’s books, dolls, stickers, musical instruments and so on.
Siu Pin always comes up with a lot of fanciful ideas. Unlike Jack, having devoted herself to the printing and publishing industry for more than 10 years, she is not a consumerist, but an environmentalist who loves tress and lives a green life. One day, while she was collecting recycled paper, she accidentally came across Jack’s graphic notation, so she decided to help Jack to create interesting stories for his music lessons.
(Jack: objection! I have spent some many years trying to put the theory into practices when developing graphic notation! It’s only because of my carelessness that you can pick it up from the trash bin, but it doesn’t mean it is a useless piece of paper! Also, I shop in a controlled manner! I just buy what I need!)
Whimsy is a shy, childlike girl who always comes up with marvelous and fanciful ideas. (You can tell from her name). In her award-winning animation for the final year project, she presented herself as an alien with many different monstrous living things residing in her brain! Whimsy likes drawing, but indeed, to be a designer doesn’t mean you need to draw a lot of things.
Wing’s drawing skill is just… fair. But Wing is designing something even more brilliant than graphics: users’ experience! Tell you a secret: Wing is actually a witch who can foretell the future. She has put a little worm into everyone’s stomach so she knows exactly where you will go and what you will do. She can read your mind and help you plan what you need, what you want, and what you feel. Isn’t she awesome?
Uncle SK has two daughters who are of similar age to you. When Alan and Louis have developed something, they will let uncle SK bring it home and try it out with his daughters. Sometimes they will find some buds from the iPad, and at this moment, Alan and Louis will come out and fix the problem before they let other kids play with it.
Alan and Louis are good children at home, good students at school, and good employees in the company. Their catchphrase is “yes”, “OK”, “no problem”, “leave it to me”. Whenever there are some challenging questions, they can always come up with the solution after a few days, and this becomes the reason behind their popularity.

Kids, now you know how to answer daddy, mummy and teachers’ questions?
Alan and Louis are good children at home, good students at school, and good employees in the company. Their catchphrase is “yes”, “OK”, “no problem”, “leave it to me”. Whenever there are some challenging questions, they can always come up with the solution after a few days, and this becomes the reason behind their popularity.

Kids, now you know how to answer daddy, mummy and teachers’ questions?
Which weighs more, a pound of feathers or a pound of bricks?

The bricks! Of course!

Aw! That’s tricky…They are equally heavy!

Most of the times we are in a hurry and without a careful look at the question, we jump to the conclusion that we know the answer. When we design the animal characters, we give it a second thought: do we really know these animals? For kids to distinguish the animals, the designs of these animal characters not only reflect a few distinctive features, but also their behaviors, head-trunk proportion and demeanor!

Is you kid afraid of being alone in dark? These little girls were too!

For the first time, the two little girls are having an audition at the studio. Separated from their moms and staying in a dim-lit room, they are told to relax and take it easy. And a teddy bear is here for company! Hearing all this comforting words, the girls nod.

All right! Everybody gets ready! Eyes on the control panel, the staff make the final adjustment. Here we go, take one! How come there’s no sound from the girls? Maybe the mic is muted? Work on it and there are no changes. The staff finally looks up to see what is happening in the room. Of course they didn’t hear the shout, because the teddy bear is wearing the headset!
Mom’s words shape kids’ attitude towards work

We take the recording very serious because mom tells us that perseverance is the spirit of work. So, we read the script at home for hundreds of times. We learnt the correction pronunciation of words. We tried different voices, tone, and volume when reading the story out loud. But that was all so HARD! When we didn’t meet the expectation of the staff, they let us take a break or try recording other chapters. We were low-spirited at once. But then mom said to us, to work is to solve the problems, just like dad wouldn’t say “I don’t know” to his boss. God, work isn’t easy at all! After today’s recording at the studio, we are both exhausted!

We had our very first pay because of this working opportunity. We learn to value the hard work behind the coins and to spend the money well! Although mom said we could spend the money we made, we really want to keep it in our pockets for a while longer!

It was truly an once-in-a-lifetime experience for the two of us. Our special thanks go to the studio staff for their kind patience and the education on the recording process and tools!

The little girls, Yin and Yau
A girl with self-expectations

The Marshy is a friendly British family. The studio we booked to do the recording was located in a factory building in San Po Kong, which is not easy to be found. On the recording day, baking in the hot summer sun, our staff was standing on the street to wait for their taxi, while the taxi driver mistakenly drove them to a wrong building. However, with genial smiles on their faces, the two English-speakers received help from the factory workers and neighbors, and they managed to find their way to the studio!

As a 10-year-old girl, Isabelle was quite mature at such a young age. Her recording work went on smoothly and effectively without any warm-up. There were four stories in total, and it only took her one hour and a half to finish all of them. With each story recorded three times, she took only one break in the middle of the recording. Isabelle did not show any negative emotions such as complaint or upset, she even asked a take two when she felt the first take was not good enough. Her parents sat aside and watched her quietly, with no intervention. During the break, they gave Isabelle a firm hug and said proudly, “On, honey, I think you did a good job!”

It turned out that Isabelle also had modelling experience. To her, recording was so much easier, therefore she held high self-expectations towards this recording work. Instead of forced by her parents, Isabelle set standards for herself with a sense of self-responsibility and confidence. But there were times that this young lady had no idea what to do, for instance she did not know how to make herself sound like a lion roaring or snoring. She turned to her father for help.

“Daddy, can you help me, huh?” Isabelle put her arms around her dad’s neck and asked.
Father’s apology

Before the recording started, everybody muted their phones to create a noise-free environment. Jon, Isabelle’s father was on his way to the studio, so his wife texted him that do not press the doorbell when he arrived, otherwise it would interrupt Isabelle’s recording, a phone call would be appreciated. While…

Ding Dong! The doorbell suddenly rung just as the recording was about to be wrapped up. “What a pity, we are so close to finish it!” everybody thought. Jon walked in and saw her daughter pursed her lips. Jon apologized immediately, “Oh! Sorry Isabelle! I am really sorry about that.” Seeing Jon’s sincere and modest apology, Isabelle put a smile back on her face again. Well, we all make mistakes; a sincere apology is the first step to make amends after a mistake.

Luckily, after some editing works done by the experienced recording director, this unexpected doorbell sound got cut off, and Isabelle did not need to record all over again!
Get focused and get your work done first!

Anita is “Carnival of Animals” Mandarin narrator. When the 6-year-old girl first came to the studio, she was quite shy. To help her warm up, the sound engineer not only let her play the piano, the guitar as well as the drum set placed in the studio, but also gave her a tour in the panel room! Getting more familiar with the staff and the surroundings, Anita gradually showed her curiosity and energy. She first found her interest in the soundproof foam on the wall. After pinching it for a little while, she began to perform an improvised “Dolphin Jump” on the couch. When she was finally sitting on the recording chair, the sound baffle in front of the microphone caught her attention.

Half an hour had past and Anita was still not in the mood of recording. Her mother Belen said to her,”Anita, you need to focus now. Don’t forget that you are here to do your recording! You can certainly play and have fun, but you need to get your work done first.” Seeing the severe look on her mom’s face, Anita was influenced and began to take it seriously. She strengthened her sitting posture, put on the headset, and started the recording, “My name is Marty. I am a little lion…”

“Good. Take two now, ready?” said the staff in the panel room.

“ROARRRRRR!” Anita’s response set everybody burst into laughter. Look at Anita now fully dedicated and full of passion, she did seem like a brave baby lion!
I heard some strange voices!

“What were those strange voices?” Anita took off her headset and asked while the sound engineer was checking the recordings in the panel room.

“Strange voices?” the sound engineer was confused.

“Yes, strange voice, from the headset!”Anita confirmed.

“Strange... Let me listen to it.” Our sound engineer came out of the panel room, put on the headset and listened carefully.

“Oh, there’s nothing but the recording. That was your own voice!” He answered.

“My voice doesn’t sound like that…” murmured Anita, which made everybody laugh again.

The staff explained to her that we make sounds using our vocal cord, the sound then traveled through our body and directly to our ears. However, in the studio, the sound traveled through the air to the microphone, and then passed through the air again to our ears. That was why they were different from what we usually hear ourselves’ voices.