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Learning Read and Write is important to a child’s development, both physically and cognitively. While some children are quick to grasp these abilities, others may find different level of challenges.

Here, we want to help children to improve their reading and writing abilities, effortlessly and with fun. To make this happen, you can download our “Chinese Letter Academy” mobile training apps and see our experts recommended training tools.
Gross and Motor Skills
To write, children need to develop different gross and fine motor skills at different stages. Activities like touching, climbing are all helpful for the children’s coordination of their gross and fine motor muscles development, shaping up stronger bodies and more importantly, developing an upright and stable writing posture. Want to know more about Children’s reading and writing related information, please download our free “Write Dance parents‘ guides” app.
Visual and Left / Right Brain Coordination
When children start to read and write. Their brains matter a lot obviously. Not only it needs to connect with their visual perception but also both sides of the brain works hand in hand so that their little masters can write or draw accurately with speed.
When teaching children to write, accuracy and legibility are the two prerequisites. To write neatly without compromising the writing speed, the hands have to coordinate with the eyes and minds!
Visual: Ocular Motor Control
Perceptual:Visual Perceptual Skills
Visual discrimination
Visual closure
Visual spatial skills
Visual figure ground
Motor: Stable Posture
Stable trunk
Control of the tripod fingers
Integration of sensory information
Chinese Letter Academy
Chinese Letter Academy is a Free App for chlidren to learn writing Chinese letter with no effort! You and your children are now no need to worried about learning Chinese letters!

Chinese Letter Academy, take it easy. Get good result with little difficulty! Download it for free now!
"Chinese Letter Academy" guides children to copy Chinese characters according to a certain order. Clear ideas on where to start writing as well as the direction and sequence of the strokes can be built gradually. It also helps them develop the visual and kinesthetic memory required in systematical handwriting. When children write on the screen of a tablet or a smartphone with their little fingers, they concentrate more on learning the stroke order because they do not have to experience the difficulty of holding a pencil.
Parents can decide the dictation content based on children’s learning progress or the school’s syllabus. Simply set the content with the words purchased and check if your children’s memory is concrete enough. The stressful dictation revision can now be turned into an interesting challenge.
Pay As You Write
Buy our token  and subscribe characters according to your needs. To start with, we offer five free character (紅, 今, 身, 男, 球) for trial.

Our Chinese character library now include 60 commonly used words* in kindergarten in the corpus of "Chinese Letter Academy". It will keep expanding as your children grow up, with more new words coming soon. Parents can select and pay for the words needed in our corpus without purchasing all.
* List of Characters:
水, 禾, 公, 年, 全, 今, 昨, 苗, 合, 音, 紅, 綠, 白, 香, 色, 足, 兄, 球, 唱, 身, 站, 具, 期, 同, 父, 母, 男, 女, 爸, 媽, 哥, 弟, 姐, 妹, 祖, 老, 師, 名, 姓, 家, 打, 找, 朋, 友, 安, 兒, 泳, 池, 新, 春, 夏, 秋, 冬, 食, 風, 雨, 咀, 朵, 彩, 虹.
There Is A Time Limit
We suggest that before doing the activities, parents and children agree on a time limit for the activity. Once the time is up, the children should take at least a 30 minute break before working on the activity again.
See how Chinese Letter Academy works
Our Team
In this system, the stroke orders are strictly based on the Lexical Items with English Explanations for Fundamental Chinese Learning in Hong Kong Schools published by Chinese Language Education Section, Curriculum Development Institute, Education Bureau, HKSAR in 2009, and their List of Graphemes of Commonly-used Chinese Characters: 2007 Re-arranged with Cantonese and Putonghua Pronunciations and Simple English Explanations published in 2012.
Royce Lee: Project Manager
Siupin Lee: Content Developer
Whimsy Du: Graphic Designer
Rex Kwong: UI Designer
Louis Yau: Programmer
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