Motor Development

While motor development involves many aspects, such as arm, shoulder, core muscles (big motor), and wrist, fingers (fine motor), it is the latter that directly determines the writing ability. We should like to introduce some good training methods and tools for all parents.

To start with, it is important to train all big and fine motor skill. This includes their Posture, stable Shoulders, Arm, Wrist, and finally tripod fingers. You may download our Write Dance Parent’s Guide for to learn more.
1. Posture : Sit up straight, stably and long-lasting
To manipulate the pen effectively and flexibly, it takes a stable torso and limbs (particularly the arms)
2. Stable shoulders, arms and wrists
To write smoothly, the shoulders and the muscles around the wrists should have enough strength. Stable joints and free movement of the shoulders and wrists are equally important.
3. Manipulate the pen smoothly using the tripod fingers
Hold the pen securely with the thumb, index finger and middle fingers allows smooth manipulation of the pen
Children’s motor development is easy to observe, and one may find it amazing to witnessing their growth. At different stages, we encourage different trainings for their needs.
Age 0-1: Fingers/sponge
Children can directly dip their fingers on the paints, or with the use of a sponge, and wipe the paints on the drawing papers.
Age 1-2: Fat crayons/ fat ballpoint pens
Let your children hold the pens the way they want when they scribble on the giant drawing papers.
Age 2-3: Fat crayons
Allow the children to hold the pens with palms instead of using the first three major fingers, if they have difficulties. It’s important that they learn the rope of pencil grip in a relaxed way.
Age 3-4: Triangular barrel pen
Children are able to hold the pen securely with their first three major fingers. Parents can provide them with thick triangular barrel pens, so they learn how to hold the pens better.
Age 4-5: Color pencils or water color pens for adults
Children of this age group have developed mature motor muscles. Children’s interest in handwriting can be aroused by giving them different materials to draw on and explore.
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