My Chinese Copybook: Elementary Class

Do you still remember the way you learned to write when you were a child? I bet it must have involved holding pencils and repetitive copying. However, it cannot benefit us in understanding the stroke order for each character! Stroke order, the writing pattern generated according to the construction of an individual Chinese character, is one of the most important elements that children have to learn when mastering the art of handwriting from kindergarten. Learn writing with “My Chinese Copybook” may help!

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Write Dance Visual Spatial Relationship Exercise Book:
Butterfly Kaleidoscope

A Chinese character is composed of a number of components. Good spatial relationship ability helps children to grasp the positions and the proportion of the components in Chinese characters. “Butterfly Kaleidoscope” is designed for enhancing children’s visual-spatial relationship ability, in which children are asked to regenerate a butterfly with certain shapes according to a given template. This interesting activity helps children to write neat and correct Chinese characters within boxes or on straight lines! Good spatial perception skills also benefit children in daily activities such as estimating certain areas, finding their way and remembering how to get to places.

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The Wall Street Journal:
Left, Right, Up, Down. WSJ recommends “Chinese Letter Academy” for learning Chinese writing

Improve children's reading and writing abilities!