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Chinese Letter Academy help young children and beginning learners tackle Chinese writing

Chinese Letter Academy is highly recommended by Best Apps for Kids, particular appreciation is given on our quality, education and entertainment dimensions. "Chinese Letter Academy uses proven teaching techniques to help young children and beginning learners tackle a very complex task: learning to write Chinese characters.” The editor think the record keeping function and dictation video screencast are valuable to teachers and parents, “The records for the dictation activity actually show a video screencast of the strokes as they were produced, which would be invaluable for teachers or parents who want to know exactly how the student performed.

2014-10-28 | #Media
Excellent pre-writing training materials for kids!

“Rainbow Slide” is qualified and selected as “Best Apps for Kids”. The tech mom Sarah emphasized in her comprehensive review, “the more I thought about it and the more I used the app, the more I saw its potential.” The sliding pieces do teach children about eye hand coordination and attention by having to wait for the item to finish changing to its final product. The exercise is simple but it helps preschoolers to train these essential skills.

2013-03-07 | #Media
Top 10 Android Apps for Kids Learning

“Carnival of Animals has two sides, one is great storytelling and interaction. The other is excellent introduction to basic music making. There are no actual instruments for kids to play with, but the hand and music coordination is there.”

2013-01-22 | #Media