Chinese Stroke Exercise: My Chinese Copybook
Mei, Administrative Officer/ Son: Adam

I like this app since it really can help kids learn to write in the correct stroke order. The step by step strategy, gradually provides less and less assistance, and helps kids build up clear ideas. When the stroke is too short or going in the wrong direction the stroke will be erased automatically. There are lovely sound effects and arrow prompts on the screen which show the correct path.

2014-04-23 | #Experience Sharing
Write Dance Multi-sensory Writing Exercise
Stephanie, Kindergarten teacher/ Son: Jacob

It is very common in kindergarten that children write letters and sometimes numbers the wrong way round, especially around four to five year-olds. As a teacher, I think “Butterfly Kaleidoscope” is useful to improve such issue. Putting the shapes in the right places enhances their spatial judgment. Actually, I would quite like to use it in my teaching.

2014-03-04 | #Experience Sharing
Write Dance Multi-sensory Writing Exercise
Ling, Bank Officer/ Daughter: Sheung

“The Little Crab Walker” is one of my favorite activities in Write Dance: How to develop your child’s gross and fine motor skills? This activity is designed for kids to have fun, and practice different abilities in the meanwhile. Activities inside this book with different level of difficulty, if we do a good job, we can try on the more challenging gameplay. I plan to try these activities with Sheung at home!

2014-02-20 | #Experience Sharing