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Elementary Class

Chinese characters included:
日(sun / day)、月(moon / month)、
星(star)、早(early / morning)、
午(noon)、晚(late / night)、

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Chinese characters included:
日(sun / day), 月(moon / month),
午(noon) and 花(flower).

Stroke order, the writing pattern generated according to the construction of an individual Chinese character, is one of the most important elements that children have to learn when mastering the art of handwriting from kindergarten. Writing characters in the correct stroke order can greatly facilitate the learning of the spatial relationships and thus produce visually appealing characters; what’s more important, correct stroke order is vital for beginners to memorize the character’s composition, so that when they write they will not miss a stroke or two.


Guidelines for learning stroke order

Watch Demonstration
The sequence of the strokes and their direction
Play a demonstration animation of stroke order
Visual Memory
Be able to memorize the stroke order and direction with no demonstration (or a few reminders)
Some stroke order and direction reminders are provided during each level of exercise. In order to help the children discover and correct their mistakes, the children can receive more hints if they write the same incorrect stroke more than three times
Hand-eye Coordination
Based on visual memory, copy the character on the writing template with the correct stroke order
In the beginning and intermediate exercises, there are writing templates for children to write on, which help to build up their kinesthetic memory with less and less assistance.
Kinesthetic Memory
The body has the memory of the writing movements, and can produce characters in the correct stroke order without reminders
In the advanced exercise, the children make use of their visual and kinesthetic memory, to copy characters with the correct stroke order and component composition.
Form A Good Writing Habit

Learning to copy Chinese characters according to a certain order provides the children with clear ideas about where to start to write, and the direction as well as the sequence of the strokes. It helps the children develop the visual and kinesthetic memory required in systematical handwriting, thereby improve their copying speed and reducing the possibility of making mistakes. When children write on the screen of a tablet or a smartphone with their little fingers, they concentrate more on learning the stroke order because they do not have to experience the difficulty of holding a pencil.

Video demonstration


In this system, the stroke orders are strictly based on the Lexical Items with English Explanations for Fundamental Chinese Learning in Hong Kong Schools published by Chinese Language Education Section, Curriculum Development Institute, Education Bureau, HKSAR in 2009, and their List of Graphemes of Commonly-used Chinese Characters: 2007 Re-arranged with Cantonese and Putonghua Pronunciations and Simple English Explanations published in 2012.

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