Butterfly Kaleidoscope, enhances spatial relationship ability!

It is a practice let kids get familiarized with the spatial relationship between objects. Thus enhances their spatial judgment and write neat Chinese characters with correct arrangements of the components.


We are ready to slide down from the Rainbow Slide. Catch me if you can!

To write neatly without compromising writing speed, children's hands have to coordinate with their eyes and minds! Rainbow Slide let children practice eye movement by following moving objects in levels of difficulties.


Guidebooks to Parents

Among all the things children learn at kindergarten, most parents and teachers have a hard time in teaching children to hold a pencil and write. That is why Toothy Buddies has taken the lead in putting forward a set of teaching materials to develop writing skills. Write Dance class is widely regarded in Europe and America, so we have modified and improved the content for local parents and teachers, hoping to offer new ways and different perspectives in teaching children to write.

In classrooms, teachers can implement age-oriented and interesting multi-sensory activities which develop students’ gross motor skills, fine motor skills and visual perceptual skills. Extending learning to the home, parents with the same beliefs can also implement parent-children activities that are both wholesome and fun.

Principles behinds learning writing

In fact, learning to write doesn’t necessarily mean working on handwriting worksheets with tears in your eyes, if you only know the underlying principles. In these e-books, a Hong Kong Registered Occupational Therapist explains the multi-sensory principles behind Write Dance, so that you can come up with practical but enjoyable writing activities for your children.

Adjustable activities for you to have fun at home

Our parents’ guidebooks outline the developmental stages of both sides of the brain as well as gross and fine motor skills. A set of home activities are suggested to develop children’s coordination of their gross and fine motor muscles, shaping up stronger bodies and more importantly, developing an upright and stable writing posture. Some of them are bilateral and cross midline activities enable your child build up both sides of the brain, and use their dominant hand with skillful coordination. The activities in this book can be adjusted in terms of level of difficulty; parents may tailor made a private curriculum for your children accordingly.

Learning in a multi-sensory way

Multi-sensory learning is widely adopted around the globe! This teaching method is not just beneficial to children with all learning styles, but also reinforces their learning by stimulating various senses. The Write Dance curriculum that we have developed teaches children to write by using multi-sensory experiences. Discover which type of sensory learners your children are, provide them with the appropriate learning aids, and make learning fun for both of you!

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