Butterfly Kaleidoscope, enhances spatial relationship ability!

It is a practice let kids get familiarized with the spatial relationship between objects. Thus enhances their spatial judgment and write neat Chinese characters with correct arrangements of the components.


We are ready to slide down from the Rainbow Slide. Catch me if you can!

To write neatly without compromising writing speed, children's hands have to coordinate with their eyes and minds! Rainbow Slide let children practice eye movement by following moving objects in levels of difficulties.


Pursuit Practice:Rainbow Slide

In “Rainbow Slide”, the children’s eyes follow moving objects. By doing this activity on pursuit eye movement, children’s visual perceptual skills are developed and their ocular motor control enhanced. Other benefits of this practice include:

  • Enabling children to read the whole sentence written from left to right, without turning their heads or bodies.
  • Improving children’s reading speed.
  • Helping children in daily activities such as throwing and catching items, and ball games.

In this activity practice, we aim to:

  • Improve children’s visual dexterity of the eyes with the pursuit eye movement practice which gradually increases the level of difficulty ies of the tasks.
  • Enhance children’s attention span by extending the time required on the practice for pursuit eye movement
  • Test the children’s eye-hand coordination and measure their reaction time.

We use automatic adapted exercises!

“Rainbow Slide” is one of our automatic adapted exercises. In other words, the level of difficulty of the exercise is adjusted automatically based on the children’s capacities and their performances. Therefore, the children will not find the practice too easy and get bored, nor will they feel frustrated because of how demanding is it. Unlike the paper exercise books we have today, the content of the automatic adapted exercise is tailor-made for each child according to the child’s learning progress and aptitude, promoting independent and individual learning.

There’s a time limit!

How much time does it buy you by saying “Just one more go”? The answer is probably different for the children and parents! To the participants, “5 minutes” is nothing; to those who are waiting, “5 minutes” is more than enough. Seeing the parents and their children fighting over the use of electronic gadgets is the last thing we want, because after all, we advocate children to learn with fun! Hence, we suggest that before doing the activities, parents and children agree on a time limit for the activity. Once the time is up, the children should take a 30 minute break before working on the activity again.

Screen Preview

Video Demonstration

As the activity proceeds, the objects start falling faster and go in various directions. The background colors begin to vary, and there are more and more falling objects to catch! In the activity, the drilling time on pursuit eye movement will increase gradually, so the children have to be exceptionally attentive in order to complete the tasks!

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